Strawberry Milk Heart Biscuits 12pcs.

Strawberry Milk Heart Biscuits 12pcs.

IDR 200,000.00

Product Description

The prestigious GODIVA Chocolatier which is most favoured by the Belgium royal family, has presented various chocolate masterpieces throughout the years. Well-known for its delicate craftsmanship and finest ingredients, every big fan of chocolate will be surprised by the new flavours. GODIVA carefully gathered different ideas, and now proudly presents the creamy smooth Strawberry Milk Heart Biscuits for an unprecedented chocolate fantasy.

The rosy red strawberry adds refreshing fragrance and sweetness to the rich and silky milk chocolate, layering with crunchy biscuit is transformed into the romantic heart shape for the ultimate passionate sweetness. Dense layer of chocolate that blends with freshly sweet strawberry slowly melts in your mouth, which will completely enchant you upon the first bite. A little box of magnificently designed Strawberry Milk Heart Biscuits 12pcs. is certainly the best gift for you to share with your beloved ones, directing you to a magical romantic chocolate journey.