Milk Chocolate Caramels 6pcs.

Milk Chocolate Caramels 6pcs.

IDR 110,000.00

Product Description

Belgian Chocolatier GODIVA has reinforced its impeccable Belgian craftsmanship in its large variety of chocolate products. An exclusive chocolate brand for royalties, GODIVA has created many signature chocolate collections over the years. A Jewel-like packaging wraps the aromatic chocolates; GODIVA Wrapped Chocolate Collection is not only the best self-indulgence for chocolate lovers, but also the perfect gift choice. The brand new flat-bottom design makes the chocolate truffles as delicate as jewels, and brings sweetness and happiness to you at all times.

GODIVA Wrapped Chocolate Collection is available in two flavours, including Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Truffles that comes in both rich milk chocolate and dark chocolate flavours.

The Chocolate Truffle Collection is GODIVA’s signature collection. Smooth chocolate crusts filled with the most intricate filling makes the unforgettable chocolate experience for all chocolate lovers.

GODIVA Wrapped Chocolate Collection comes in different packaging to fulfill all your wishes.

In a cube-like packaging, 5-6 pcs. of single flavoured Chocolate Truffles send charms, and their tiny sizes make them the best option to pamper yourself and your loved ones.